Dayawanti Memorial College of Education, Pada, Gurgaon, Haryana




Name and complete address of the institution:

Dayawanti Memorial College of Education, Pada, (Near Country Club) on PachgaonTauru Road, Village – Pada, P.O.- Kalwari, Sub-Tehsil- Tauru, Distt.- Gurgaon.


Name and complete address of the Director:

Director, Prof. R. C. Hooda S/O Sh. Jage Ram, 735/28, Bharat Colony, Rohtak (Haryana)

01262-211380(R), 09416287428(M), 09255374988(O)


Date of establishment:



No. and date of recognition order by NCTE:

F.NRC/NCTE/F-7/HR-375/7549-7558 and 16 Nov. 2006


Details of courses offered with approved intake including teacher education and others if any:

B. Ed. Course of one year duration with an annual intake of 200 i.e. One Unit.
M. Ed. Course of one year duration with an annual intake of 25 i.e. One Unit.

D. Ed. Course of one year duration with an annual intake of 50 i.e. One Unit.

Transport & Residential Facility:

Separate hostel facility for girls & boys.

Bus pickup facility from Gurgaon railway station, Mata Chowk, Bus Stand, Rajiv Chowk to college.


Information about Management, Complete details of management and its office bearers, registered address, telephone numbers etc:


1.    Chairman/ President, Prof. R. C. Hooda S/O Sh. Jage Ram, 735/28, Bharat Colony, Rohtak (Haryana), 01262-211380(R), 09416287428(M), 09255374988(O).

2.    Secretary, Sh. Upkar Hooda son of Sh. R.C. Hooda, resident of House No. 735/28, Bharat Colony, Rohtak, Haryana State, 09813446005(M).

3.    Member, Smt. Sushila Kumari Hooda, Wife of Sh. R.C. Hooda, resident of House No. 735/28, Bharat Colony, Rohtak, 09255934623(M), 09255330070(O).

4.    Member, Ms. Charu Hooda daughter of Sh. R.C. Hooda, resident of House No. 735/28, Bharat Colony, Rohtak, Haryana.


The names and details of other institutions run by the Managements:

There is no other institution run by the management.








Infrastructural availability:


DAYAWANTI EDUCATION AND WELFARE AND CHARITABLE TRUST, is in possession of land as per the following description:

1. Total Area: 13127.2 sq. mtrs.

2. Build up Area: 2460q. mtrs.

3. Address : Khewat/ Khata No. 108/135, Rect No. 25, Killa No. 6(7-8), 15(7-5),
16/1(6-5) Rect No. 24, Killa No. 11/1(5-1), Village – Pada, Sub-Tehsil – Tauru,
P.O. – Kalwari, Distt. – Gurgaon, Haryana.

Area in Sq.mtrs. : 13127.2 sq.mtrs.


Bounded by:

North: Plain Land

South: Road

East: Road

West: Plain Land

Registered in the office of Sub-Registrar, Tauru, Distt. Gurgaon on 24.05.2005.


4. That the land is on lease basis for a period of 99 years (Ninety nine years).


5. That the land is free from all encumbrances.


6. That the land is exclusively meant for running the education institution. That the District Town Planner, Enforcement Gurgaon vide memo. No. 959 dated 30.5.2005 has issued No Objection Certificate for setting up of Institutional building on the above said land located in village Pada, Sub-Tehsil Tauru District Gugaon. The District Town Planner, Enforcement Gurgaon has clearly mentioned in this No Objection Certificate that the above site at Khewat/ Khata No. 108/135, Rect No. 25, Killa No. 6(7-8), 15(7-5), 16/1(6-5) Rect No. 24, Killa No. 11/1(5-1), Village – Pada, Sub-Tehsil – Tauru, P.O. – Kalwari, Distt. – Gurgaon, Haryana falls outside the Controlled Area notified under Act No. 41 of 1963 and Urban Areas Act No. 8 of 1975.


7. That the said premises shall not be used for running any educational activity/ institution, other than the teacher education programme for which recognition is being sought.

1.    That the copy of the affidavit shall be displayed in the website of the institution for general public. Website address: www.dmce.in

S.No. Description Quantity Size in Sq.ft.

1. Principal Room 01 414 Sq.ft.

2. Office Room 02 (168+150) 358 Sq.ft.

3. Staff Room 02 290 Sq.ft. each

4. Class Rooms 06 644 Sq.ft. each
5. Class Room 01 490 Sq.ft.

6. Class Room 01 350 Sq.ft.

7. Library* 01 2016 Sq.ft.

8. Multipurpose Hall 01 2016 Sq.ft.

9. Science Lab. 01 350 Sq.ft.

10. Psychology Lab. 01 350 Sq.ft.

11. Educational Technology Lab. 01 490 Sq.ft.

12. Store 01 200 Sq.ft.
13. Activity/ Work Experience Room 01 200 Sq. ft.
14. Girls Common Room 01 290 Sq. ft.

15. Boys Common Room 01 200 Sq. ft.

16. Reception 01 460 Sq. ft.


*There are more than 5000 books in our library covering curriculum related to education from D.Ed., B.Ed., M.Ed. and M.Phil Courses properly arranged in Iron Almiras.


Information about Hostel:

There is no hostel in our college.


Information on Subjects/ specialization offered:

Paper Nomenclature

I Education in Emerging Indian Society

II Psychology of Teaching & Learning

III A Secondary Education and School Management

III B (Option-1) Exceptional Children

(Option- 2) Yoga Education

(Option- 3) Population Education

(Option- 4) Educational & Guidance

(Option- 5) Mental Hygiene

(Option- 6) Adults and Continuing Education

(Option- 7) Environment Education

IV Educational Technology


(Option- 1) English

(Option- 2) Hindi


(Option- 3) Mathematics


(Option- 4) Life Science

(Option- 5) Geography


(Option- 6) Physical Science

(Option- 7) Social Studies

VII Work Education Practical

a)    Chalk Board Writing

b)    Preparing Teaching Aids

c)    Handling of available equipment

d)    Cane Work (for Blind students only)

VIII Work Experience – Practical

(Option- 1) Clay Modelling.

(Option- 2) Interior Decoration

(Option- 3) Candle Making

(Option- 4) Gardening

IX Participation in Community Service & Co-curricular activities


Fee structure both for fee/ payment seats with break up:

As per Prospects for B.Ed. (Regular) Admission 2006-07 for Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak and Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa

(a) S.C. students : Rs. 15,000/-

(b) All students who fall in the BPL

(Below poverty line) category i.e.

BPL Card Holder : Rs. 15,000/-

(c) Others : Rs. 35,000/-


Head Wise Detail of Fee for the session 2006-07









Monthly Fee :



University Charges



Tutuion Fee



Youth Welfare Fee



Amalgmated Fund



Holiday Home Fee



Cycle Stand Fund



Univ. Sports Fee



Work Experience Practical Fee



University Cont. Fee



Science & Technology



University  Conference/Seminar/ Workshop/ Extension Lect. Fee (50% with the College)



Library Fee






Psychology Practical Fee



Library Security



Academic Gaming Fee



Other Fee



Guidance Service Fee



Identity Card-cum-Library Card



Development Fee (1/3 fee of Development Fee will go to University)



Education Tour Fee



Electricity & Water Charges



Admission Fee/ Readmission Fee



Computer Fee



Eligibility Fee



Annual Charges :



Eligibility Fee from Foreign Stud.



Medical Fee



Migration Fee



Magazine Fee



Enrolment Fee



Student Aid Fund



Celebration Fee



House Examination Fee



University Exam Fee



Building & Dilapidation Fund



Radha Krishan Fee



Subscription for Haryana Education



Red Cross Fee



Haryana Samvad Fund



N.S.S. Fee


Laboratories details  


Science Lab.
(Including multiple Sets of Science Apparatus/ Material)

01(300 sq. ft. (Furnished)
i) Sink with provision of water – (three)
ii) Gas Supply –(five)
iii) Bunsen Burners –(five)
iv) Tripod Stands –(five)
v) Beakers –(ten)
vi) Weight Balance –(five)
vii) Acids
viii) Basis
ix) Beakers of various capacities(10 each)
x) Test Tubes – (2 Dozens)
xi) Funnels – (Ten)
xii) Burettes – (Five)
xiii) Flasks – (Ten)
xiv) Dish Plates- (Five)
xv) Wire Gang – (Five)
xvi) Magnets – (Five sets)
xvii) Card Boards – (Five)
xviii)Compus Needle(five)
xix) Models of Human     Parts and others upto 10th standards (Five)
xx) Charts related to Syllabus upto 10th Standards – (Ten)
xxi) Specimen of plants & animals (Formalin) – (Twenty five)
xxii) Lenses( convex and concave) – (five sets)
xxiii) Microscopes- (Two)
xxiv) Thermometers (Five)
xxv) Optical Bench (One)


Psychology Lab

01 (300 Sq.ft) (Furnished)


1. Test Material

i) Creativity Test
ii) Interest Inventory
iii) Aptitude Test
iv) Achievement  Test
v) Personality Test
vi) Intelligence Test
vii) Case Study Performa
viii) Group test of general mental
ix) KOHs Block design test
x) Concept Attainment Test
xi)Study Habit Inventory Test
xii) Socio-Economic Status scale test
xiii) General Teaching Competency scale
xiv) Revised inventory Competency scale
xv) Swatah Booh Parikshan Test


Eduational Technology Lab
i) Computers with latest configuration
ii) Printers
iii) Hardware and Licensed Software facilities for language learning, Colour T.V. & Camera
iv) ICT equipment like ROT

01 (300 Sq.ft) (Furnished)


Work Experience Room

01 (300 Sq.ft) (Fully Furnished)


i) Agricultural equipments for Gardening
ii) Coloured Pens
iii) Chart Papers
iv) Card Boards
v) Hard Boards
vi) Chalk Boards
vii) Tracing Papers and table for preparing transparencies
viii) Candle Making- Wax, Moulds, Gas Burners
ix) Material related to interior decoration
x) Photographic Camera and film with Zoom


Five sets

Five Kits


Admission procedure:

Centralised Admission by the University on the basis of Entrance Test.


Name of the affiliation University:

Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (Haryana)


Date of Start/ end of the academic session:

End of academic session 12 July, 2007 as decided by Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak vide its letter no. COE/07/1362-1452 Dated 20.02.2006.


Information about the placement cell, if any:

New institution, the cell has been created and it has registered all the students of present first session of the college.

Performance Appraisal Report (PAR):

Report will be placed on the website and will be send to NCTE when the present session is complete and the result is available from the University.


Latest audit statement of account:

Latest audit statement is given below for the year ending March 2006: